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Compact Excavators

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For almost 25 years, we’ve been offering excavation services. We operate a fleet of excavators, compact track loaders, and skid steers..

Mini Excavation Construction Maple Ridge

Mini Excavation Services

Mini Excavators

Mini excavators are excellent for getting into tight spaces that larger equipment cannot reach. Additional cost reductions are realised as a result of lower equipment expenses and lower labour costs. Compared to smaller excavators, large excavators cost around two to three times as much per hour and cause significantly greater damage to the surrounding landscaping, necessitating additional costs for repair when the excavation is complete. Our operators are all highly skilled in operating the equipment in restricted places in a safe and proper manner. All employees are protected by workers’ compensation, and the business is fully insured.

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Maple Ridge Earthworks Construction

Grading Earthworks Services

Drainage plays a critical role in the success of any excavation or grading project. You should have a city-approved grade slip, and we can ensure that the required elevations are met. If the grades are not met, it may result in costly repairs to neighbouring homes and, in certain cases, litigation.

There is no better time to begin preliminary site grading than prior to the commencement of a project. We can accommodate most schedules with advance notice. We provide residential and light commercial site grading services.

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Bobcat Services Maple Ridge

Skid Steer Services

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The fact that we have a highly skilled and experienced team of skid steer operators, as well as a diverse fleet of skid steers of varying sizes, allows us to take on projects of any size. When it comes to finishing a work on time, skid steer services can be extremely advantageous. No matter if you require backfill, rough or final grade, pad removal, soil delivery or removal, or excavation, our staff is more than happy to assist you. Aside from that, our skid steers are capable of assisting you with any snow removal needs that you may have.

Professional Excavators Burnaby

Trenching Services

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Maple Ridge Trench Excavation

Trenching is the most effective technique of installing utilities and drainage systems, and we offer trenching services to our customers. A professional Trenching Contractor does this with accuracy and efficiency. It is governed on your unique requirements. We can also assist you if you want concrete or asphalt to be removed prior to trenching work being performed. All of our services are available at a reasonable cost.

Concrete Removal

Concrete Demolition Maple Ridge

If you’re in need of concrete removal, we as excavation contractors offer everything you need! From modest removals, such as parts of a sidewalk, to major removals, such as driveways, patios, and concrete walls. Our crew employs a assortment of equipment, including skid steers and excavators equipped with breakers, as well as concrete saws and electric handheld jackhammers.
Following any removal, we thoroughly clean the area and load the debris before delivering it to a recycler. Not only can we remove concrete, but also asphalt and paving stones.

Site Grading Services

Laser Grading

laser grading in a field

Certain excavating jobs demand the highest precision and accuracy. To provide such precision and accuracy, our crew is educated and knowledgeable in the usage of different types of laser levels and builders levels to verify slopes reach the appropriate elevations, as specified in the plan. Additionally, ensuring that all excavations are carried out in compliance with design specifications.

Our employees are not only trained to operate lasers, but also to read grading plans. When our crews begin work, they are always equipped with laser instruments to ensure that precise grade points are met.

Why Work With Us ?


As experienced excavators, we will see to it that your project is completed properly, promptly, and very economically.


Throughout our over 25 years of excavation expertise, we have encountered and overcome all unique site challenges.

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Whether you're a first-time or regular customer, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


We aim to maintain our position as the city's leading excavating company, with our skilled crews and quality materials.

Additional Excavation Services


We have all of the appropriate tools to backfill any job as excavation contractors. Backfilling against a house’s foundation, building retaining walls, and excavating trenches are all typical duties. There is no such thing as a project that is too small ! We have a large fleet of excavators and loaders, as well as trucks and trailers for material transportation. We ensure the use of the necessary waterproofing, drainage, and backfill materials.

Ditch Reshaping

If you have an excessive overgrowth of undesired plants, weeds, and grass in your ditch and are suffering drainage difficulties , it may be time to reshape it. Any ditch may be properly reshaped, regraded, and cleaned up by our excavation professionals, giving it a fresh, clean appearance that will last for years.


Building projects utilize a variety of drainage systems, most of which we as excavation contractors. We are familiar with and capable of repairing and replacing them as required . Drain tile, trench trains, sump/catch basin drainage systems, floor drains, and downspout or gutter drainage systems are all things that we can implement. We have the excavation equipment required to trench and grade the job in order to ensure a proper drainage

Drainage Tile Install

Drain tiles must be put on your property in order to avoid groundwater damage to your home or other structures. Drain tile installation along the foundation of a house or around the perimeter of a building project is standard procedure in the industry. Following waterproofing of the foundation, the drain tile is laid against it and backfilled with wash rock (drainage rock) to allow water to reach the drain tile.

Driveway Preparation

Our excavation experts are highly qualified and equipped to dig and prepare driveways of any size or complexity. We have the appropriate equipment,  for customers that want their driveway removed.  Following that, we dig precisely to guarantee that the driveway plan is accurate and that the gravel base provides enough drainage. Additionally, our team can construct concrete driveways, paving stone driveways, and prepare asphalt driveways.

Dry Wells

If your land is prone to significant run-off water retention, dry wells are a perfect option. A dry well collects surface water and allows it to gently drain/soak deep into a pierced chamber filled with drainage stones or other similar materials. It is vital to appropriately site your dry well, away from your home but not too near to your neighbours. As an excavation contractor, we are capable of building dry wells of any size.

Finish Grading

Finish grading is the process of contouring the top layer of land to meet desired or intended grades .  Our skilled crew ensures that the area is free of debris, big chunks of soil, and that it is at the correct height. This is achieved  generally with loam or the desired landscape material. Almost always, the final grade is the same height as the walkways, driveway, or patio.

Land Clearing

Most new construction or restoration projects requires clearing land.  excavating contractors we are extremely skilled. We prevent regrowth by removing trees and shrubs to the roots. We also have the equipment to clear and demolish concrete pads/walls on the property. We constantly monitor proper waste disposal and recycling. Our team may also assist with any needed excavating required after the lot is clear.

lawn Removal

Our experienced machine operators can transform your front or back yard. We are capable of removing any material necessary following grass removal and land contouring, including loam, bark/mulch, and washed rock. Additionally, our crew is capable of completing and installing concrete or paving stone walks, patios, and final grading.

Pool Excavation

Pool excavation is a major task, and our excavation experts can help with any size project . Because pools need major excavation, a significant amount of soil will need to be removed; however, a small amount of material may be saved to backfill against the pool. The next stage is to build a pool foundation that is appropriate for the pool.  Following that is a pool shell. Prior to building the pool shell, all trenching for electrical and pool lines must be performed to avoid damage. For laying the pool lines, we have all of the essential trenching equipment.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls for landscaping are a great alternative for a wide variety of landscaping jobs. Additionally, by elevating select portions of your yard, they help to the creation of a more inviting appearance and feel . Along with debris removal, our excavation experts are capable of preparing the ground for a solid base for creating retaining walls, and establishing a drainage system employing the appropriate backfill material. Retaining walls can be made of a number of materials, including concrete, stone, and prefabricated blocks in a range of shapes and sizes.

Rough Grading

As compact excavation contractors, we offer a variety of machinery that is suited for rough grading. Rough grading is the method by which we verify that the land’s overall grade matches the appropriate slope, shape, and height specifications . If feasible, preliminary grading should begin prior to beginning any land development. Additionally, rough grading prepares the slope for pouring or solid laying a slab. We utilize laser levels and builders levels to precisely calculate slopes and heights needed to make your rough grading a success.

Swimming Pool Removal

If you want additional yard space and rarely use your pool, we can remove it. We’d begin with the pool surface and work our way up to emptying the pool and removing the liner. Inground pools are made of a variety of materials, and we have the equipment and skills necessary to decommission every kind of pool. Recycling all pool waste and backfilling the pool area with solid material such as rock, gravel, sand, and soil are critical steps in the pool construction process.

Tree Stump Removal

Do you have a large stump that needs to be removed ?  Is it in a tough area for large excavators to access? No problem we have compact excavators and equipment. We have the expertise, abilities, and right equipment needed to remove any of these unwanted stumps and roots. Depending on the size of the stump, several pieces of equipment and techniques can be necessary to remove it. Contact us if you wish to get your stump removed and have a more attractive yard. 


As excavation contractors, we provide a range of equipment in a variety of sizes to satisfy your trenching requirements.  Trenching services are commonly required during the installation or maintenance of drainage systems, the inspection of cables or lines, or the installation of new cables or lines.  Our highly experienced team excavates and backfills trenches with  precision and care, causing the least amount of harm to the surrounding landscape as possible. Additionally, we ensure that the backfill materials are suitable for the purpose.

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